Silver Engraved Snuff Can Lid-Only One Available

Silver Engraved Snuff Can Lid-Only One Available
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Product Description

From edge to edge, this silver snuff can lid is filled with intricate filigree swirls and engraved flower accents. All lids are heavy gauge metal and a strong one piece design. Fits most snuff cans. It is not necessary to fit the original snuff can lid inside the silver lid.

Materials Silver electroplate. Hand polished. Shipped in a gift box. Warranty All jewelry has a lifetime limited warranty on manufacturing defects when accompanied by a receipt. See our warranty policy for details. Care and Storage To ensure that no harmful chemicals come in contact with your tobacco, we have not applied our Montana Armor tarnish protection to any part of your snuff can lif. It is natural for the inside of your lid to turn green after exposure to the tobacco.